graduated from graphic design department at mimar sinan fine arts university. she worked at various advertising agencies and design studios as an art director. in 2004 she started to work as a lecturer at beykent üniverstiy graphic design department until 2013. she did master degree on cinema-tv at beykent university in 2009 and still works on multidisciplinary design  projects, artbook design and  painting. currently she works as a lecturer at ESOGU art design college visual arts department and works on her phd at  anadolu university graphic design department.


exhibitions & projects

“i am u”  '14_ installation, mixed exhibition

“book as an object”  '14_ installation, mixed exhibition

“i am fine but i can be better”  '13_ installation, mixed exhibition

“A le carte_fix menu”  '12_ intallation and artbook design, personal exhibition

“6600 km”  '11_ artbook design, mixed exhibition

“greetings from london”  '11_ artbook design, mixed exhibition

“external mind” thesis project '09_ video project

"xxx- design" design exhibition '07_ participated with "abdomen movements" and "breast feeding babydoll", visual identity design

...with love '07_ mixed exhibition

put a side works '06_ mixed exhibition

"+- istanbul" restaurant design project '05_ visual identity design

"abç" design exhibition '05_ visiual identity design _ participated with “reform”

recycle design exhibition '05_ participated with "biricik - unique"

"süre-li" painting exhibition '05_ painting exhibition

somata sala '04_ Adesign fair _ restaurant and food design project

remix '04_ painting workshop with children and exhibition

ben-lik '03_ Adesign fair _space arrangement

resimtaki '03_ painting + jewellery exhibitiona